The Omega's Alphas

A lifetime of suffering as a result of their designation has taught omegas one vital rule for survival: never trust an alpha.

The lesson seems easy enough, but instinct proves difficult to ignore. Drawn by an alpha’s touch, body and scent, omegas risk everything for a taste of what they should fear most.

Even if their bodies respond, even as they drown in the lust an alpha creates, their hearts are a different matter. No one alpha can sway them.

Unfortunately for these omegas, these alphas work in packs—and they don't mind a hunt.

Ready or Not

Disaster always strikes when someone least expects it, and according to these men and women, there’s no bigger disaster than falling in love. They have busy schedules, bad experiences, more excuses than someone on day three of a diet, and enough cynicism to depress even the most die-hard positive-thinking guru. No matter what else happens in their life, they are sure that they will never, ever fall in love, and they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure it. Unfortunately for them, fate doesn’t mind chasing down and hog-tying reluctant lovebirds. Someone can only fight for so long before cupid manages a sucker-punch. Here comes love, ready or not.

The Kantr Chronicles