Flocking It Up Series Header

Flocking It Up

Mischief is my middle name—okay, so it's actually Francis, but it might as well have been given my luck. After getting myself into some trouble—again—I ended up as a crow shifter and dragged into the violence and politics of a supernatural world I never...
Black Heart Auctions Series Header

Black Heart Auctions

I survived my father’s attempt to kill me and managed to escape the dark world of the mafia. Now, under a fake name and able to pursue my dream of becoming an artist far from home, I think I’ve finally gotten to live my life my own way. All that changes when I wake up...
The Devil's Luck Series Header

The Devil's Luck

Men suck—both the dead and the living ones. After selling my soul to save a man who then betrayed me, I find myself trapped in the Chasm—the most dangerous area of the afterlife—and in the crosshairs of the four Demon Lords who run it. I know they’re a bad bet...
LakeWood Academy Series Header

LakeWood Academy

I never expected to turn into a shade, be imprisoned in Larkwood Academy, have my voice stolen or fall for five hot men trapped along with me, but life doesn’t always go the way we plan. Now I’ll have to survive Larkwood while searching for a way out. I’ve spent my...
Dark Sanctuary Series Header

Dark Sanctuary

In the deserts of Southern California sits a club at the end of a long driveway that few venture in to...Sanctuary. The lights are dark, the cuffs are secure and the Dominants are terrifying. Still, over the sounds of flogging, past the St. Andrew's Crosses and...
Nemesis Series Header


Surviving as the daughter of a powerful crime family isn't easy, but I never would have thought my own father would be the one to plot my death. It’s been ten years since the attack that killed my mother, and I've spent every one of those days planning my revenge. I won’t let...
Grave Concerns Series Header

Grave Concerns

I learned when my parents abandoned me that the world doesn’t like anything different, so I’ve spent the last thirty-five years avoiding the supernatural, burying my ability to see ghosts and trying my hardest to fit in. Unfortunately, hiding isn’t possible anymore...
Ready or Not Series Header

Ready or Not

Disaster always strikes when someone least expects it, and according to these men and women, there’s no bigger disaster than falling in love. They have busy schedules, bad experiences, more excuses than someone on day three of a diet, and enough cynicism...
The Omega's Alphas Series Header

The Omega's Alphas

A lifetime of suffering as a result of their designation has taught omegas one vital rule for survival: never trust an alpha. The lesson seems easy enough, but instinct proves difficult to ignore. Drawn by an alpha’s touch, body and scent, omegas risk everything for a...

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