Summer Trips and Other Reasons to get Naked

Side Story of Grave Concerns

It' s a competition for my heart, and these men play dirty.

Saving the world was supposed to be the end of my story, but when trying to live with four stubborn, dangerous, immortal men, happily-ever-after turns out to be more complicated than fairy tales promised. Kase, Grant, Hunter and Troy can' t stop bickering, seemingly more interested in competing with one another than being with me.

Our solution? An impromptu vacation to Hawaii! Sun, nudity and plenty of orgasms— the foundation to any good relationship. Even better, the men promise to shower me with affection and take me on four amazing dates.

Unfortunately, one disaster after another strikes as each of the dates goes horribly wrong— accidental exhibitionism, surprise attacks and the less-than-sexy use of handcuffs just to name a few of the problems. What I thought would be our salvation ends up testing the bonds between us, and when I discover they' ve been lying to me the entire time, that the trip is just a ploy for them to prove who' s best for me?

Maybe there are some things that even hot, naked men can' t fix.

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Formats: eBookPublisher: Totally Bound PublishingPublished: 7/11/2023ASIN: B0C2ZQM17H

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