Side Story of LakeWood Academy

Larkwood is dangerous, but love scares me even more.

As a selkie, nothing matters more to me than my freedom. Larkwood destroyed that when they took my skin, and with it, my ability to transform. I' ve spent the six years since incomplete, but now that the rumors say Larkwood has changed, it' s my chance to finally get back what they stole.

I need to keep my head down and focus, but from the moment I step foot back in Larkwood, I can' t catch a break. The other shades hate me, the people in charge pity me and the two men I' ve tried to forget won' t leave me alone. Asher, a quiet and intense amarok, and Talon, a mischievous and playful kitsune, seem to think I' ve come back looking for romance.

As we all venture into the most dangerous place in Larkwood to find what was stolen from me, I realize that there is no bigger threat to me and my freedom than the two men I' m falling for. If I don' t keep my wits about me, I might just find myself trapped once again.

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Formats: eBookPublisher: Totally Bound PublishingPublished: 2/7/2023ASIN: B0BH9CMXGB

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