Run Like the Devil

Book 3 of The Devil's Luck

I don' t fight with my demons— I play with them.

My first mistake was selling my soul.

My second was falling in love with a bunch of devils.

My third— and arguably biggest— was to utter a few stupid words— Let' s overthrow God!

My life isn't really going according to plan— I' m dead, I' m a Demon Lord, I' m dating violent and dangerous men, and now I've undertaken an impossible quest with those very men to change the entire afterlife.
We' ll have to cross the Path, a dangerous realm that has killed or driven mad every person who has entered it. Even if we can make it through, if we survive the traps and monsters standing in our way, if we can keep our sanity, and if we don' t kill or betray each other first, we' ll still have to face down the being who created our entire world.

I' d often wondered when I was alive why God hated me— well, I' m about to give him a good damn reason to.

Content Warning: This book contains scenes of violence and death.

Book Details

Formats: eBook, PaperbackPublisher: Totally Bound PublishingPublished: 5/16/2023ASIN: B0BVN2NDDPISBN-10: 1802505393ISBN-13: 978-1802505399Pages: 342

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