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Book 2 of Black Heart Auctions

These men are ruthless, dangerous and bent on revenge—who knew that was just my type?

One slip-up and the secrets I’ve worked so hard to hide are on display. My past, my real name, my family—the men who have taken over my life know about it all. The more time we spend together, the more I learn about them as well. I glimpse their softer sides, realize just how dark their pasts are and come to understand why their revenge matters to them so much.

However, the man who is after me won’t let up, and the situation grows more dangerous. He is a ruthless assassin with the backing of a powerful crime family, and he’ll stop at nothing to get me. If only my life was all I had to worry about.

He threatens not only me but my family and the men I’ve fallen for as well. If I’m not careful, if I don’t take every right step, if I let down my guard at all, it’s possible that none of us will survive this.

Content Warning: This book contains scenes of violence, stalking, and human trafficking and human auction.

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Formats: eBook, PaperbackPublisher: Totally Bound PublishingPublished: 10/24/2023ASIN: B0CHBJMR2FISBN-10: 1802505814ISBN-13: 978-1802505818Pages: 308

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