Selling Innocence

Book 1 of Black Heart Auctions

Getting bought by four sexy, dangerous men isn’t as fun as it sounds.

I spent my entire life as little more than a pawn used for the benefit of others, defined only by my family, my bloodline and my last name. After narrowly escaping my father’s plan to kill me, however, I get a second chance at life.

For the past year, I’ve lived under a fake name, with a fake past, all to create a life of my own choosing. That all goes to hell when I find myself abducted and put up for sale at the infamous Black Heart Auctions, a place where anything can be bought and sold—including people.

Four men with dark pasts buy me, planning to use me to get their revenge on a mysterious enemy known only as Lorien. Now I must untangle the connections between Lorien and the men, keep my past and identity a secret and never let myself forget the danger these men pose.

All I’ve ever wanted was a quiet, normal life, but to get that, I’ll need to survive this first.

And here I thought getting sold was the worst of my problems.

Content Warning: This book contains scenes of violence, abduction, and references to human trafficking and a human auction.

Book Details

Formats: eBook, PaperbackPublisher: Totally Bound PublishingPublished: 9/12/2023ASIN: B0C9R5MTHSISBN-10: 1802505687ISBN-13: 978-1802505689Pages: 319

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